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  • The Calle Schiemer Co. Based in Chicago, New Jersey, San Franicisco and Detroit
    The Calle Schiemer Co.
    Based in Chicago, New Jersey, San Franicisco and Detroit

    The Puck Slot Machine Token 1898
    The Puck Slot Machine Token

    Mills Novelty Co. San Francisco, CA
    Mills Novelty Co.
    San Francisco, CA

    Good for 4 Bits In Trade - Slot Machine Token

    Slot Machine Token
    Good for 4 Bits In Trade

    Amusement Tokens

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    Trade Tokens

    Since the days of ancient Rome when a token-operated device dispensed water, tokens have been used to operate machines.

    A number of early coin operated machines used tokens.

    Their use started in the late 1800's as casino token or gaming tokens and continues today in the form of Arcade tokens. Some of the early machines that used amusement tokens included slot machines, pinball machines, cigar vending machines and musical instruments.

    Only a very few Amusement Tokens can be attributed to Louisiana such as the "Alma Machine Co." pictured below. Most were provided by the machine manufacturer's who were located in San Francisco, Chicago or Detroit. Usually their name or the machine name appeared on the token.

    Alma Machine Co. New Orleans, LA
    Alma Machine Co.
    New Orleans, LA
    Walting Mfg Co. Chicago, IL Maker of Slot Machines
    Walting MFG. Co.
    Chicago, IL
    Below is a list of old Louisiana Amusement Tokens by Louisiana Trade Tokens Catalog number
    name on token, shape and composition of the token.
    • 4760-H/2-05 Hopkins Amusement Co. S8-A
    • 4760-H/2-25 Hopkins Amusement Co. Rd-A
    • 6293-A/9-05 Alma Machine Co. 5 Rd-WM
    • 6293-A/9-25 Alma Machine Co. 25 Rd-B
    • 6293-A/9-100 Alma Machine Co. 100 Rd-B
    • 6293-A/9-200 Alma Machine Co. 200 Rd-B
    • 6293-B/13a Bayou Novelty Co. NpB/iron Rd-BI
    • 6293-B/13b Bayou Novelty Co. CpB/iron Rd-BI
    • 6293-C/2-05 C & N Sales Co. Rd-B
    • 6293-C/7-05a C. N. Co. Mach. No. 2 Rd-B
    • 6293-C/7-05b C. N. Co. Mach. No. 4 Rd-B
    • 6293-C/7-05b C. N. Co. Mach. No. 12 Rd-B
    • 6293-C/46-05a Cont. Slot Mach Co. No.58 Rd-B
    • 6293-UL Cont. Slot Mach Co. No.42 Rd-B
    • 6293-C/46-60 Continentals S. M. Co. Rd-B
    • 6293-C/47-05a Cont. S. M. Co. Mach. No.18 Rd-B
    • 6293-C/47-05b Cont. S. M. Co. Mach. No.36 Rd-B
    • 6293-C/64-05a Crescent Novelty Co. "A" Rd-B
    • 6293-C/64-05b Crescent Novelty Co. "B" Rd-B
    • 6293-C/65-05 Crescent Novelty Co. No.44 Rd-B
    • 6293-D/4-05 D. N. Co. (Dixie Novelty) Rd-B
    • 6293-N/15 New Orleans Gum Co. Rd-B
    • 6293-N/16 New Orleans Novelty Co. Rd-B
    • 6293-0/7-05a Orleans Machine Co. Rd-WM
    • 6293-0/7-05b Orleans Machine Co. Rd-WM
    • 6293-0/8-05a Orleans Machine Co. Rd-WM
    • 6293-0/8-05b Orleans Machine Co. 2mm hole Rd-WM
    • 6293-0/8-25 Orleans Machine Co. Rd-WM
    • 6293-0/9-05 Orleans Mach. Co. Rd-WM
    • 6293-0/10-05 O. M. Co. Rd-WM
    • 6293-S/59-500 Southern Coin Mach. Exchange Rd-BI
    • 6293-S/60a So Ven Co 21mm Rd-S
    • 6293-S/60b So Ven Co 21mm Rd-B
    • 6293-S/60c So Ven Co 18mm Rd-S
    • 6293-S/61 Sport Center Rd-B
    • 7791-S/17 Southern Music & Vending Co. Rd-WM
    • 7917-UL The White Kitchen Rd-Np
    Good For One Tune
    Good For One Tune
    Use in Pay to play
    Musical Instruments
    Gold Award Slot Machine Pay Out Token
    Gold Award
    Slot Machine Token

    Below are descriptions of two very good books about Amusement tokens and Modern Video Arcade tokens. These books were written by Stephen P. Alpert and Kenneth E. Smith. These books are out of print and hard to find. Published in 1979 and 1984 but the old amusement tokens list and description are not out of date.

    Search for one of these books by clicking Here!

    Amusement Tokens of the U.S. and Canada
    Stephen P. Albert and Kenneth E. Smith
    Copyright 1979

    Video Arcade, Pinball, Slot Machine and Other Amusement Tokens of North America
    By Stephen P. Albert and Kenneth E. Smith
    Copyright 1984

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