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Louisiana Trade Tokens Published in 1982

Louisiana Trade Tokens
Copyright 1982
Louis Crawford
Glyn Farber
Ed Tylenda

Louisiana Trade Tokens Published in 1996

Louisiana Trade Tokens
Second Edition
Copyright 1996
Louis Crawford
Glyn Farber

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Trade Tokens

The very best place to find books about Trade Tokens is eBay. If you are a member of eBay then go to the main token category by clicking Here! Then do a search by title, author, keyword or International Standard Book Number (ISBN) from the list of known token books listed below.

Not a member of eBay? You must register to buy a book and use some of their advanced searches etc. To register then bid, buy, or sell on any eBay's site worldwide Click Here! It's easy and free.

Please note that some of these state catalog's date back into the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s when it was possible to publish books inexpensively. In the last 10 years very few new state catalogs have been published. These old state catalog's may be out of date but offer lot's of information about token collecting including many token descriptions, token photo's and historical notes.

List Of Known State Catalogs

Use the following information about known "state catalogs" to search eBay. If you don't have any luck try later as companies like eBay list millions of new items each day. Any time you do a ISBN search for a book try the number with and without the dashes. Also most Trade Token Collectors call there books catalogs. Use catalog as one of your "key words" when searching for a book. Example "Louisiana Catalog"

  • Alabama Trade Tokens by Roy J. Wood, Birmingham Public Library Press
  • Alaska Tokens by Ron Benice, TAMS Copyright New Edition
  • Alaska Tokens by Ron Benice, TAMS Copyright 1979, ISBN 0-91849-2033
  • Arizon Tokens by Hal Birt, Jr Copyright 1979
  • Arkansas Merchant Tokens by Tom H. Robinson, TAMS Copyright 1985, ISBN 0-918492-07-6
  • California Tokens by Charles V. Kappen, TAMS Copyright 1976, ISBN: 0918492025
  • California Tokens by Charles V. Kappen, Copyright 1994 Reprint
  • A Guide to Colorado Merchant Trade Tokens by Stuart M. Pritchard Jr. Copyright 2008, 425 pages
  • Colorado Merchants' Tokens by Jim Wright, Copyright 1977, 340 pages, ASIN: B0006CUO58
  • Colorado Merchants' Tokens by Jim Wright, Copyright 1979, 74 pages, ASIN: B0006XKZVU
  • Colorado Merchant Tokens by James Wright & Herbert Lee Nott 1986
  • Delaware Merchant Tokens by William T. Miller TAMS Journal April 1988
  • Florida Trade Tokens by C.R. Clark, Copyright 1980
  • Georgia Trade Tokens by Randall Partin & J. D. Partin 1990
  • Illinois - Trade Tokens of Illinois by Ore H. Vacketta, Copyright 1973
  • Indiana Trade Tokens by Lloyd E. Wagaman 1981
  • Iowa Trade Tokens by Lewis K. Ferguson, TAMS Copyright 1984, ISBN 0-918492-06-8
  • Kansas Merchant Tokens by Kent Johnson and Larry Oller
  • Louisiana Trade Tokens by Louis Crawford and Glyn Farber, TAMS Copyright 1996, ISBN 0-918492-11-4
  • Louisiana Trade Tokens by Louis Crawford, Glyn Farber & Ed Tylenda, Copyright 1982
  • Maryland Merchant Tokens by David E. Schenkman, Copyright 1986 ISBN: 0961694505
  • Michigan Trade Tokens by Paul A. Cunningham, Copyright 1987, ISBN 0-945008-00-7
  • Mississippi Brozenes and Doodlum (Private Money in MS) by George P. Chatham, Copyright 1990,
  • Ohio Merchant Tokens by Gaylor Lipscomb 1986
  • Oklahoma Tokens by Lloyd C. Walker, Copyright 1978
  • Oregon Trade Tokens Tokens by James Hemphill, Copyright 1992, ISBN: 0912317140
  • South Carolina Tokens by Tony Chibbaro, Copyright, ISBN: 0918492092
  • Texas The Trade Tokens of Texas by Fowler, Roberts, Strough TAMS Journal April 1973
  • Texas The Trade Tokens of Texas Supplement by Fowler, Strough TAMS Journal February 1979
  • Texas The Trade Tokens of Texas 2nd Supplement by Fowler & Ribbe TAMS Journal 1984
  • Texas The Trade Tokens of Texas 3nd Supplement by Fowler & Ribbe 1993
  • Utah - Campbells Tokens of Utah by Harry F. Campbells paperback (rare) 1987
  • West Virginia Merchants Tokens by David Schenkman 2009
  • Washington State Trade Tokens by Al Erickson
  • Merchant tokens of Washington, D.C by David E. Schenkman, Copyright, ISBN:0942596005

Other Know Token Books

  • Tokens and Medals by Stephen P. Albert and Lawrence E. Elman 1992 (highly recommended)
  • U.S. & CA Transportation Tokens by Coffee and Ford (several editions)
  • Ingle System Scrip by Lloyd E. Wagaman 1987
  • Coal Company Script by National Script Collectors Association (several editions)
  • Lumber Company Store Tokens by Terry Trantow 1978 and ?(two editions)
  • Amusement Tokens of the U.S. Stephen P. Albert and Kenneth E. Smith 1979
  • Video Arcade, Pinball, Slot Machine Tokens by Albert and Smith 1984
  • Strawberries Tickets by C.R. Clark and Carl Drude, Jr 1999
  • Strawberries In Louisiana by C.R. Clark and Carl Drude, Jr 1996
  • Bimetallic Trade Tokens of the United States by David E. Schenkman, Copyright 1990 ISBN:0942596-02-1
  • Bryan Money by Fred Schornstein
  • The Tokens, Checks, Metallic Tickets, Passes of British Caribbean & Bermuda by Bob Lyall
  • Civil War Sutler Tokens and Cardboard Scrip by David E. Schenkman, 1983 ISBN:0942596013
  • Trade Tokens Coal Mining Companies & Company Stores by Stuart E. Brown 1978 ISBN:0686500946
  • Military tokens of the United States, 1866-1978 by James J Curto 1978 ASIN: B0007AP0LW
  • Catalog Of United States Tokens 1700-1900 by Russell Rulau, George J. Fuld 2004 ISBN:0873419898
  • Hard Times Tokens 1832-1844 by Russell Rulau, Q. David Bowers 2001 ISBN:087349265X
  • Merchant tokens of hard rubber by David E Schenkman 1991 ISBN:0942596048
  • The Catalogue of Parking Tokens of the World by Joseph V. Pernicano 2007 ASIN:B0006RBU06
  • Car Wash Tokens by Harold Ford 1974

Small Token Books published by TAMS

The Token and Medal Society has published many state catalogs and small token catalogs since organized in 1960. Below is a list of just a few. Some recent books and catalogs can be ordered from TAMS by contacting Mark Lighterman at lighter@bellsouth.net
  • Hickey Brothers Cigar Store Tokens by Glyn Farber TAMS Journal 1993
  • The Menter Token Story by Glyn Farber TAMS Journal June 1997
  • Prison Money by Jerry Zara and Bob Lemke TAMS Journal April 1981
  • The Brunswick Token Story by Fowler, Magnuson and White TAMS Journal June 1977
  • A Tune for a Token by Q David Bowers TAMS Journal 1975
  • The History of "System" Coal Company Scrip by Robert W. Craigo TAMS Journal June 1972

One final comment! At one time I was a Coin Collector. A friend who had been collecting coins for a long time gave me this advice. "Buy the book before you buy the coin". This same advice can apply to trade token books. If you know of a token book not on this list please let me know.

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