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  • Louisiana Car Wash Tokens

    Car Wash Tokens
    Sofspra Car Wash Tokens

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    For more than 10,000 Tokens and Medals.

    Car Wash tokens are used in a facility that clean's the exterior of cars, trucks and SUV's.

    While there are many different types of car washes, most fall into three main groups.

    Self-Service facilities that are generally coin or token operated, automatic machines that rolls back and forth over a stationary vehicle while washing it, and with the vehicle in neutral, push or pull the vehicle through a series of fixed cleaning mechanisms.

    All three types of car washes used tokens at one time or another. Early car wash tokens usually had the name of the car wash, city and state. Most use stock tokens today. The most popular car wash tokens are the pieces used at Sofspra Car Washes.

    Sofspra Car Wash DeQuincy, LA Good For 25 Car Wash
    Sofspra Car Wash DeQuincy, LA

    Jay's Car Wash Lake Charles, LA Good For Free Wash Job
    Jay's Car Wash Lake Charles, LA

    Below is a list of known Louisiana Car Wash tokens by Louisiana Trade Tokens catalog number, description, shape and composition of the token.

    • 301-A-25 Arabi Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 301-B-25 Arabi Car Wash Harold's 66 Rd-WN
    • 651-B/15 Broadmoor Car Wash Bh-B
    • 651-P/1 P & S Power wash Rd-B
    • 2226-C-25 Jims Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 2324-A-25 Cut Off Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 2457-C-25 De Quincy Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 2464-J-25 De Ridder Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 3059-B-25 Farmerville Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 3605-B-25 Dupeire's Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 3745-S Triple Clean of La. Dk-B
    • 3864-L-25 M.F. Mashburn Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 3864-N Oak Street Car Wash Rd-B
    • 4571-C Car Pride Carwashes Rd-B
    • 4788-J/1 Jay's Car Wash Rd-B
    • 4788-S/4-25 Lake Charles Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 5222-A Delmac Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 5530-E-25 Dairy Delight Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 5779-A/1a Airline Car Wash 25mm Rd-B
    • 5779-A/1b Airline Car Wash 25mm Rd-Np
    • 5779-A/1c Airline Car Wash 23mm Rd-Np
    • 5779-L/2 La Belle Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 5779-M/3a Metairie Shell Car Wash Rd-Pte
    • 5779-M/3b Metairie Shell Car Wash Rd-Pwe
    • 5779-M/3c Metairie Shell Car Wash Rd-Pye
    • 5779-O/1 Original All Cloth Wash Rd-A
    • 5873-D West-Gibson Car Wash Rd-B
    • 6195-I-25 Natchitoches Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 6293-C/61-25 Crescent City Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 6496-B Chris' Carwash Rd-B
    • 6881-J/4 John's Crub Rd-Z
    • 7119-Ga Auto Bath Car Wash Rd-B
    • 7119-Gb Auto Bath Car Wash Rd-Np
    • 7399-A-25 Brister's Sofspra Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 7791-P/3-25 Pel State Fina Station Car Wash Rd-Wm
    • 8162-C Splash.N.Dash Car Wash Rd-B
    • 9184-A-25 Magic-Wand Car Wash (dug/worn) Rd-Wm
    • 9191-B-25 L.S. & J.M. Gravelle Car Wash Rd-A
    • 9191-C L.S. & J.M. Gravelle Car Wash Rd-A

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