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  • Illinois Trade Token Book By Ore H. Vacketta

    Trade Tokens Of Illinois
    By Ore H. Vacketta

    Trade Tokens Of Illinois
    By Ore H. Vacketta
    1983 2nd Edition

    Token Books For Sale

    Cullom, IL and Milford, IL Trade Tokens.

    Illinois Trade Tokens For Sale or Trade!

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    Trade Tokens
    Illinois Trade Token - Keck's Confectionery
    Keck's Confectionery - Cullom, IL
    I'm interested in any Illinois token from the town of Cullom or Milford. All of my Father's side of the family are from these two small towns.

    There are reference books, Trade Tokens of Illinois by Ore H. Vacketta published in 1973 and a 2nd edition published in 1983. Find Illinois trade tokens, Saloon tokens, Coal tokens and Good For mirror's from Illinois. Prices are generally reasonable. You can find a large list of traders below plus a source of Illinois tokens for sale.

    Illinois Tokens Trade List

    Cairo, IL - Herbert's 220 Eight Street Good For 5 In Trade - Rd-A-20mm
    Galena, IL - Logan Hotel Don Hatter - Good For 5 In Trade - S8-A-25mm
    Galena, IL - Logan Hotel Don Hatter - Good For 5 In Trade - S8-Z-25mm
    Galena, IL - The Brunswick Good For 2 1/2 c. In Trade - [A.E. Schmidt reverse] - S12-A-25mm
    Galena, IL - Wm. Ehrler Soft Drinks - Good For cts 5 cts In Trade - S10-A-26mm
    Galena, IL - Steve's Tavern The Last Chance - Good For 5 In Trade - Rd-B-19mm
    (Galena, IL) B. Wilmarth - Good For 25 In Merchandise - S4-A-31mm
    (Galena, IL) B. Wilmarth The Cabin Good For 5 Cents - blank - Oct-B-26mm
    (Highland, IL) - F. Hanser Good For 1 Pint - (worn reverse) - Oct-A-22mm
    Hoopeston, IL - Darb's Cigar Store - Good For 5 In Trade - Rd-A-20mm
    Lenore, IL - Chas. Pflibsen - Good For 5 In Trade - Rd-B-21mm
    Peoria, IL - Peoria Canning Co. - (rev blank no value) - Rd-A-25mm
    (Peoria, IL) - Smith Hotel J.C. Allison hole - Good For 25 In Trade Oval-A [hole, worn]
    (Peoria, IL) - Smith Hotel Bar - Good For 5 In Trade - Oval-A
    Peoria, IL - C. E. Hamm Bar 433 S. Wash St. - Good For 5 In Trade - Rd-A-25mm

    Your Source For Illinois Trade Tokens On eBay!

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