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Louisiana Trade Tokens Published in 1982

Louisiana Trade Tokens
Copyright 1982
Louis Crawford
Glyn Farber
Ed Tylenda

Louisiana Trade Tokens Published in 1996

Louisiana Trade Tokens
Second Edition
Copyright 1996
Louis Crawford
Glyn Farber

The 1982 First Edition of
Louisiana Trade Tokens
has been out of print for many years. However, copies do show up on eBay at times. To search for a copy of this book
Click Here!

The 1996 Second Edition of
Louisiana Trade Tokens
is still available and can found on ebay or purchased from the publisher, TAMS. To search for new and used copies of this book

Click Here!

The 1996 Second Edition was published by the Token and Medal Society, TAMS. As of November 2006 new copies are available from TAMS.
E-mail Mark Lighterman at lighter@bellsouth.net

Unlisted Louisiana Trade Tokens

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Trade Tokens

Louisiana Trade Tokens
(1st edition)

In the twenty-plus years since the publication of Louisiana Trade Tokens (1st edition 1982) by Louis Crawford, Glyn Farber and Ed Tylenda, many new listings have been discovered.

In addition, a great amount of new historical information has been found from numerous sources.

This information has resulted in more accurate attributions and, in some cases, deletion of items as Louisiana Trade Tokens. Therefore, the original book has become outdated.

Louisiana Trade Tokens (2nd edition)

It's been 10+ years since the Token and Medal Society (TAMS) published the 2nd edition (1996) of Louisiana Trade Tokens by Louis Crawford and Glyn Farber. Once again many new listings have been discovered. A 3rd edition or supplement to the 2nd edition will be published at sometime. However I don't see the 3rd edition being published any time soon. When it does come it may be in the form of an e-book. If you don't have a copy of the 2nd edition I highly recommend that you purchase one from one of the many sources listed on my Trade Token Books web page.

Unlisted Louisiana Trade Tokens

There continues to be a need to record data about Louisiana merchant tokens and their issuers. These stories are often an integral part of regional history. Unfortunately, many of these have been lost as individuals directly involved have died and tokens or records destroyed. Unless a greater effort is made to record the stories and preserve the tokens, many more will be lost. Undoubtedly many more tokens will be discovered and information on their issuers become available. It is hoped this information will be reported for inclusion in any supplement to the book or for listing in a future volume.

How to report Unlisted Louisiana Trade Tokens

If you have an unlisted token to report please do it by e-mail. If you have a scanner send me a scan of both sides plus a written description with the following information.

  • Shape of the token example: round, octagonal [8 sided], Hexagonal [6 sided], scalloped [number of lobes] etc.
  • Composition of the token example: aluminum, brass, bimetallic, cardboard, etc.
  • Colors of cardboard tokens example: primary background color and color of lettering
  • Token size in millimeters example: for round tokens this is the diameter
  • The wording exactly as it appears on the token

Example: This description needs to be as accurate as possible. Descriptions are read line by line from top to bottom with slash marks (/) separating each line. Include all comma's and periods plus if it has or has not the currency symbol "cent" [Writing a letter "C" with the line through it is a common way of indicating that it is a currency symbol, and not just an ordinary letter of the alphabet]

Louisiana Sugar Plantation token
obverse: Alma Plantation, / Ltd./ Lakeland / La.
reverse: Good For / 10 / In Merchandise
Octagonal Brass 24mm


All contributors who provide listings, information and/or research will be given credit. Without you a supplement or 3rd edition will not be possible.

E-mail is the preferred method when you have only one or two new listings. But if you would rather make rubbings then mail the rubbings and descriptions by snail mail that's OK also. Just drop me a note by e-mail first by clicking on the e-mail link below.

gvfarber at aol.com

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